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Theology Transcription

At DTS, we are experienced in transcribing theological content, especially Bible College lectures and seminars. We work with several ministries, Bible colleges, and organizations across the globe. We have trained staff with sound theological knowledge working on this job type. We assure you the highest quality of work within the limits of quality of the voice / dictation.

Legal Transcription

We are specialized in voice to text data conversion. We have trained and experienced staff who are specialized in legal transcription services.

General Transcription

General Transcription includes producing transcripts of general dictations like audio of a dictator recording the content of book he/she is writing.

Seminar Transcription

Seminar Transcription includes generating transcripts of seminars which are recorded live. The recorded voice file is then submitted for transcription.

Interview Transcription

Interview Transcription includes generating transcripts of interviews conducted directly or through phone or other media. These are especially used in surveys.

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