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HIPAA Compliance Protocols at Doctors Transcribe

At Doctors Transcribe, we understand the sensitivity of the data we handle. We recognize that all patient data is confidential and by law it is to be protected and the highest privacy policies to be applied compliant with the HIPAA standards. Doctors Transcribe Services meet or possibly even exceed the stringent HIPAA requirements. Individually Identifiable Personal Information (IIPI) and Protected Health Information (PHI) for each patient are separated and kept confidential and reassembled only in the Doctors Office. The dictations are coded and the demographics carry the corresponding code which will finally help in assembling the two elements of patient report. In this way, the privacy is maintained and patient information is kept confidential.

We are 100% compliant with all HIPPA regulation and policies regarding electronic transfer of patient specific data

  • HIPAA Security Compliance in all development and installation of application
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Password protection of folders
  • Access restricted by roles and users
  • Automatic Log off on inactivity
  • Folder protection with passwords
  • All data is destroyed after processing and submission to doctors office
  • Off site storage if requested with strong encryption
  • 24/7 File and FTP server vigilance
  • Latest and updated antivirus and firewall for dynamic detection of malicious software or spyware
  • Cisco PIX firewall - hardware firewall

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of HIPAA of 1996, was the result of an effort to standardize security measures that would protect patient data that is private and sensitive against unauthorized or criminal disclosure during electronic transfers. At Doctors Transcribe, all our services are carried out according to the needs and requirements of the HIPAA policies and standards and all our internal procedures for privacy and security not only meet the standards of HIPAA but to a great extent exceed them.

Physical Security: All our facilities can only be accessed by authorized staff who are trained to understand the sensitivity of the data we handle when we carry out our services. The entry is controlled by a physical and digital locks.

Information Security: All our incoming ports are protected by port filters and firewall; system access is only offered to FTP and management ports. Our clients access the server via SSL connectivity only with a valid login name and password. The patient files are encrypted before transferring them across the Internet.

Data Access: Floppy driver, disc drives, pen drives etc are not allowed on to the premises with authorized personnel only. All our workstations are devoid of Printer ports, USB ports and CD or DVD writers which prevent the download, transmission or printing of information. Printers are connected to specific work stations that do not hold or process patient data. The network is protected by network monitoring software that track all activity and log it for verification by the system administrator.

Privacy: The employees of Doctors Transcribe sign a confidentiality agreement which we disclose to our clients on request.

Emergency and Disaster Recovery plans are in effect to facilitate continuity of operations. This includes Internet, power and manpower.

This is just a brief outline of all the HIPAA policies that have implemented in our workflow. For more information or clarification please contact us and learn more about our stringent data security and compliance protocols.

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