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Our Work Process Flow


Medical Transcriptionist

The Medical Transcriptionist (MT) is the first and the primary voice to text data converter. At DTS we do not hire MTs less than 3 years of experience. We do have our own homegrown trainees who are trained to deliver the best under the able training and guidance of Dr. Ann George who is Chief of Quality Control. The MT types the first draft along with the voice and then reads it again along wit the voice. Then the MT reads the document for sense before submitting the document for proof reading. We have two levels in this positions, namely Junior MT and the Senior MT. The Junior MT work will be fully proofread by the Proofreader whereas the Senior MT’s work is partially proofread. At all points, where the dictation is not clear, the MT leaves a blank with a time marker for the next level to check


Proof Readers

The Proofreader is an MT with at least 6+ years of experience. The proofreader reads the work of the Junior MT word to word and edits all errors and also improves the quality of language. The proofreader does the same for the Senior MT for about 50% of the document. The proofreader then calculates the accuracy and also marks the error with remarks to help the MT improve the quality. Thus giving feedback to the previous level staff is a critical job of this team.


Quality Analysts

The QA is an MT with about 10+ years of experience and is the highest level in the work processing strata at DTS. Here the QA works mainly at removing the blanks that are left from the previous two levels. The QA also randomly picks up files from the MT pool as well as the Proofreader pool and audits it to check for accuracy and integrity and sends the accuracy score to the previous two levels.

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Wellness and Prevention

Our highest goal is to help you reach and maintain your optimal state of health, no matter where you are in life.

Everyday Care

When you’re sick, you shouldn’t have to wait a week to see a doctor — and urgent care is an expensive and time-consuming solution.

Chronic Conditions

Sooner or later, nearly all of us develop at least one chronic medical condition that may change our lives profoundly.

Children and Family

For all the parents who’ve missed an entire day of work to make it to the pediatrician.

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You can schedule same- or next-day appointments that start on time.

Theology Transcription

Content for the link: At DTS, we are experienced in transcribing theological content, especially Bible College lectures and seminars.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription service is a specialized service to support doctors in the producing patient transcripts to maintain patient medical records.

General Transcription

General Transcription includes producing transcripts of general dictations like audio of a dictator recording the content of book he/she is writing.

Seminar Transcription

Seminar Transcription includes generating transcripts of seminars which are recorded live. The recorded voice file is then submitted for transcription.

Interview Transcription

Interview Transcription includes generating transcripts of interviews conducted directly or through phone or other media. These are especially used in surveys.

Sermon Transcription

We at Doctors Transcribe would love to serve you by converting your sermon recordings to text and the same can be uploaded to your website by your web manager.