Are you looking for somebody to help you with getting your church’s audio material transcribed? We understand the need to get church sermons or lecture material to members who could not make it to church or to special meetings, like the elderly or the ill, those who have moved away and would love to hear from the home church again, or for those who would love to keep a copy of what they have just heard for themselves. Transcribed sermons or lectures could also be sorted and filed away to be used as training material for volunteers, as special take away gifts for visitors, or compiled to make books on specific topics or as colorful articles for your church magazine.

We are born again believers in Jesus Christ, actively involved in the operations of our local house of worship, and we do understand the pressures that come along with managing the administration of a church. Allow us to help you with your church transcription needs! We can help you format your typed up work any way you would prefer. We provide you with quick, quality service and we are easy on the pocket! Please see below for our turn around times and pricing per line

One line is calculated as total number of keystrokes divided by 65 (that means, you end up paying only for whatever is actually typed!!)

A half-hour of audio yields approximately 300 lines (at average speed of dictation).