With an drastic increase in the workload of interview transcription and most of it is terribly time consuming, the best option is to outsource these assignments and this is fast emerging as the most sought after option. Interview transcription assignments are best outsourced as this will help save on time, operating costs, and extra resources and besides one can concentrate more on business, yet getting access to accurately transcribed interview transcription files.Interview transcription is the conversion of recorded interviews of various types into text format. We are a specialized transcription company and you are looking in the right place for a solution to your interview transcription needs.

DTSindia provide the following interview transcription services:

  • ndividual interview transcription
  • Round table interview transcription
  • Research interview transcription
  • Group discussions transcription
  • Lecture transcription
  • Psychological interview transcription
  • Business interview transcription
  • University interview transcription
  • Webcast interview transcription
  • Job interview transcription
  • Teleconference transcription
  • Voice record/data transcription

Types of Interview transcription styles @ DTSindia

Word to word/Verbatim/Literal: In this style of interview transcription, every word spoken during the interview is transcribed accurately. This includes even the vocal expressions and remarks besides the actual conversation to convey the mood of the dialogue. This calls for superior listening and comprehension skills. As we are experts in the field of transcription we will give documents with more than 98.5% accuracy

Condensed / Synopsis: In this style, a specialist interview transcriptional listens to the entire interview dialogue and then condenses to brings out the gist. This calls for higher expertise in subject comprehension than the type mentioned before. We assure you the best interview synoptic transcripts in the industry

How does this all happen @ DTSindia

The interview transcription process includes the following steps:

  • The customer uploads the sound file in any format on to our secure File server
  • Our staff download the files to be transcribed and allot them
  • Our interview transcriptionists transcribe the files
  • The transcribed word documents are uploaded to the secure File server
  • The customer downloads the transcribed files for perusal and further procession of filing for future reference

How does this all happen @ DTSindia

Advantages of outsourcing your interview transcription assignments to DTSindia

There are several benefits of outsourcing interview transcription services to us such as:

  • Save on time
  • Save on human and other office resources
  • Cost-effective services
  • Accurately transcribed documents

Why DTSindia is your answer?

We provide:

  • Cost-effective services at unbelievable rates
  • Trained interview transcriptionists
  • Accuracy level of almost 99%
  • Fast turnaround time (within 24 hours
  • Stringent quality control processes
  • Strict security and confidentiality policy