This branch of medicine deals with the prevention and treatment of injuries or diseases related to specific occupations and the work environment. The occupational medicine doctor relates partially or fully with employers or with labor unions to help ensure that the highest level of physical, mental, and social health and safety at work can be achieved and maintained at the work place. They also enable employers to achieve functional outcomes for their employees that promote health and prevent injury or disability. By preventing injuries from happening in the first place and by getting employees back to work quickly if and when injuries do occur, great savings in wage replacement and medical care is realized. The Occupational Medicine Provider may offer a variety of services including:

Our Specialties:

  • Pre-employment fitness for duty, DOT, and surveillance physicals
  • Work site ergonomics and hazard evaluation and management
  • Workplace injury assessment and management including temporary duty recommendations
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Return to work evaluation
  • Immunizations including seasonal flu shots and travel vaccines
  • Conduct wellness programs on-sit
  • Ancillary services including drug and alcohol screens.
Our Occupational Medicine Transcription Services can assist you to deliver your reports in less than 24 hours from initial patient registration.