“Providing the highest quality personalised transcription services at the lowest possible cost.”

Please check our Quality Assurance.


Services meet or exceed HIPAA standards at all times. Individually Identifiable Personal Information (IIPI) and Protected Health Information (PHI) for each patient are separate and kept confidential when outsourced.

State of the art SSL Key Encrypted Secure Site for all file transfers.

Newly uploaded voice files are retrieved daily at 7:30 PM (CST), when the transcription process begins immediately.

  • Turn-Around-Time: TAT less than 42 hours from 7:30 PM CST on any given day. Finished work will be available on the provided FTP site for download no later than 1:30 PM CST on the second day.
  • “STAT” services: TAT of 18 hours or less is available upon request. (Extra charges of 100% for STAT work will apply.)

Exceeding the transcription industry standard of 98.5%.

The highest level of Quality Control is assured by highly qualified and experienced quality control managers with experience of more than 10 years in the MT industry. Many of these quality controllers are medical /dental/pharmacy graduates.


Standard price for top quality transcription of chart notes, letters of all kinds, consultation reports, etc.

Prompt technical assistance for both setup and maintenance is locally available anywhere in the US or by telephone during business hours on all weekdays.

Exceeding the transcription industry standard of 98.5%.

  • lternative format: At no extra cost, additional copies of the same text from letters or other reports can also be formatted and sent as chart notes as desired.
  • Ease of printing: Transcribed dictations are daily assembled into MS Word “Superfiles” fully ready to print on the client’s specified printer.
  • Personalized service: Doctors Transcribe India will make every effort to meet the personal formatting preferences of each dictating healthcare professional..
  • Notification: E-mails indicating finished work ready for downloading are sent as soon as the completed work is posted on the FTP server.
  • Separate billing: Individual records are kept, and separate invoices are sent for each dictating healthcare provider by the 6th of each month.
  • Easy payment: Payment is made in US Dollars by either check or electronic transfer of funds to Doctors Transcribe India, which is incorporated in the Silicone City of India, Bangalore.
  • Permanent records: All dictation and corresponding transcription files are securely preserved on encrypted CDs, which are available to clients upon request in the future.