We conduct training programs for those interested in pursuing a career in transcription. This field of occupation is relatively stress-free, allows you to work from home, decide your own work hours, and is monetarily satisfying.

The basic requirements for applicants would include a very good grasp of English, good listening skills, basic knowledge of computers, and sufficient typing proficiency. For those applicants aspiring to work specifically in medical transcription, a graduate degree in Science or Biology would be helpful.

The course duration is 3 months for a refresher course and 6 months for a beginner.

Extensive theoretical training will be provided in Advanced English (including grammar and phonetics), Language of Medicine (touching upon all medical specialties), Medical Transcription (the different types of reports, hospital culture) and then client-specific training with regard to geography, time zones, and culture.

Trainees will be instructed on the basic use of computers, daily work on improving their typing speeds, and familiarize themselves on the different software and hardware associated with medical transcription. Parallel to acquiring these foundational skills, they also spend increasing periods of time per day listening to dictation while following simultaneously on the transcribed text documents. This trains the ear to hear. After the first 3 months, the trainees then enter into a period of on-the-job training during which there is firm emphasis learning to attain and maintain quality. Volumes of work can be added on later, once the trainee has learned to produce quality within deadline.