Doctors Transcribe UK Limited (DTS)

The only company to offer the best of both worlds ? Local presence for intimate client engagement and cost effective global service delivery. DTS has been working with local practitioners in the UK from 2012 onward. Looking at the potential, a strategic decision has been taken to focus in the UK market from 2016 onward. Hence, a local office has been registered to drive intimate client engagements while still benefiting from a cost effective global service delivery.


A UK based office for local contracting and representation. Taking your headache away from international jurisdiction and currency fluctuation risks

  • A reliable and financially stable company who will deliver cost effective but high quality transcription services
  • UK layer of Quality Control to ensure there is a local feel to the output
  • Comply with UK Data Protection Act 1998 and EU Data Privacy Laws


Mr. Joel Jerome

Managing Director – Doctors Transcribe UK Ltd Joel is a successful business executive turned entrepreneur. In his last job, he was the Senior Vice President at OpenLink Financial which is a large American software company. He now runs the DTS UK operations.

Mrs. Sandy Samuel

Operations & Quality Director – Doctors Transcribe UK Ltd Sandy is a journalist by profession and has worked with Google as a quality analyst. She also worked for Trinity Mirror Southern (Daily Mirror) for over 5 years in various roles. She runs the operations and oversees the UK quality control aspect for DTS UK.

Mr. David McArdle

UK Quality Analyst – Doctors Transcribe UK Ltd David was educated in Sports Science at Loughborough University. He worked as a transcriptionist and editor of sermons and seminars and now has deep interests in allied healthcare and medical professions.

5 Step Quality Control Process

  • First Step: The Medical Transcriptionist (MT) – The MT’s have to proof-read it themselves twice after their first draft is written
  • Second Step: Proof Reader (PR) – The Proof Reader does 100% checks of the MT’s work for the first three months and then gradually reduces based on the quality report
  • Third Step: Quality Controller (QC) – The QC fills in the blanks that are left by the MT’s and PR’s and does a 20% word to word check
  • Fourth Step: Quality Auditor (QA) – At this level, the quality auditor monitors the quality of the delivered product and checks the quality of the work of all the previous levels. The QA is in touch with the client and the UK QA to ensure all feedback is incorporated down to the MT’s
  • Fifth Step: UK Quality Analyst (UK QA) – Acts as the escalation point for any clarifications. Fills in the blanks for any complex words and ensures there is a local feel to the document output

Data Privacy and Security

  • All client/patient transcription related procedures, voice, and data storage and document management solution delivered by us, conforms or exceeds each and every HIPAA regulations
  • In addition and to provide more safety to the UK customers, DTS conforms to the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU Data Protection Regulation known as Directive 95/46/EC the legislation is part of the EU privacy and human rights law
  • All the DTS files and directories that are on our workstations are configured in a manner, which makes it impossible to any kind of unauthorized activities such as viewing, deleting, or copying.
  • We make sure, that all the hard copies that are related to our clients and patients are safely disposed in shredding machine.